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About Level 3 Security Solutions

Level 3 Security Solutions is a private security company headquartered in Rockville Maryland, specializing in private and special event security, school security, hospital security, and executive protection. Our professionals have been vetted and selected for their work ethic, professionalism, and integrity, and come from Washington, D.C. metropolitan area law enforcement agencies. 

The majority of Level 3’s security professionals have a four-year college degree and three or more years’ law enforcement experience, which includes completing an extensive six-month police academy training program followed by three months of field supervision. They’ve also completed a thorough background investigation, as well as a polygraph examination, and undergo annual legal training.
For over 10 years now, Level 3 has taken pride in providing a SAFE and SECURE environment for our clients.  


Special Events 

Level 3 Security has years of experience and understanding of the particular security needs for special events including weddings, sponsored races, corporate events, and much more. We tailor our protection to meet the security challenges of your special event needs and ensure your peace of mind.


Private Events

Whether you are planning a dinner, fundraiser, or corporate event, Level 3 Security professionals are prepared to provide security services that will meet and exceed your expectations.


School Security

Level 3 Security professionals go the extra mile to make sure that families feel safe dropping their children off each day, and students feel safe to learn and thrive in school, while teachers and staff can focus on teaching.


Hospital Security

As there is no manual for active adverse situations arising in hospitals, Level 3 provides security services with knowledge and experience catered towards the specialized needs of hospitals.


Executive Protection

Level 3 Security provides an experienced team of Personal Protection Specialists who take pride in their profession and conduct protection services with discretion, sound judgement, and professionalism.

Contact Us

We fully understand that safety and security is your top priority. Contact us today to get the trusted, experienced, professional security solutions and personnel you need.

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